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Aubricks offers a special package – BrickSERV. We offer an exclusive range of products and services, designed to make ordering and quoting your build as quick and easy as possible. Choose from our Premium, PremiumPLUS or Ultimate services, and then customize to your required specification with a choice of over 40 brick styles and more.

With a market leading range of bricks, blocks and materials, combined with our skilled and experienced brick laying service, we are sure we can offer a quality and cost-effective solution to your site needs.

For more details, please visit BrickSERV website.

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Our Products

What can you build with Aubricks?

The NZ Brick supplier – Aubricks New Zealand Ltd. provides a range of bricks, pavers and blocks to serve the needs of the construction industry. We use the best natural clays and advanced production techniques to guarantee the quality and consistency of our products.


Made from 100% clay with 0 industrial chemicals added

Many modern brick ranges are manufactured from sand
with the addition of chemicals and colouring agents to the
mix. Aubricks’ products are made from 100% natural clay
that’s been refined, shaped and kiln-fired until it’s rock-solid.

Weatherproof, with no colour fading or UV issues

The natural colour that’s baked into our bricks won’t fade or change over the years. There are 10 attractive colours to choose from – all of them expressing the natural beauty of fired clay. And because our bricks ‘breathe’, moisture won’t be trapped inside to cause hidden problems.

Tested for strength

The NZ Brick supplier – Aubricks range bricks has been scientifically tested up to 60 tonnes load-bearing strength by the independent testing company SGS. When testing our bricks, pressure was applied at 60 tonnes, and then increased, until finally the testing company insisted on stopping the test, as they were concerned about damaging their equipment.
NZ bricks supplier - Aubricks - Easy online checking
Easy Online Checking

Know exactly the products you need? No need to make an extra trip to a depot-click here to check all the products we provide, and the price as well. Or you can also order online via

Huge Range of nz bricks in Aubricks
Huge range

Choose from a full range of high-quality bricks, blocks and pavers for construction, interior use, landscaping and roofing. Click here to browse the full range.

NZ Guaranteed quality bricks
Guaranteed quality

We stand by the quality of our products – If your order arrives with more than 5% damaged or defective, we’ll replace it in three working days at no extra charge.



Bricks have a high thermal mass producing a cooler house in summer and warmer house in winter. This can significantly reduce your energy bills.



You could be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable bricks are. Furthermore, after the initial investment, ongoing costs are extremely low.



Bricks require minimal work to keep them looking great. After all, your home should be a retreat, not another job!



Bricks are strong and will resist harsh weather conditions, termites and noise.

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