How to choose the right type of brick for your building requirements?

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Bricks are considered as one of the best building material in construction industry. Whether it is building a stable home or a highly sturdy company, the primary choice for any building enterprise is to utilize brick. Majority of people visualize a brick in New Zealand as a dusky red color blocks with a very rough texture. However, […]
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What are the best benefits of bricks to build a home?

In order to build a sustainable home, the use of bricks and building blocks NZ is incredibly important. Bricks and NZ building blocks are the primary choice of any user that wishes to build a strong home that lasts for generations to come.   Here are the best and proved benefits of bricks that you should know – Low […]
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NZ Premium Bricklaying Services And Quality Bricks Blocks

Premium bricklaying services at Aubricks New Zealand Ltd. If you live in Auckland, then the best option to build property extensions with high quality exterior bricks, blocks and pavers are Aubricks New Zealand. We offer you a complete building service with great customer satisfaction and highly affordable prices. We also hold expertise in great bricklaying and block work services that are […]
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Brick Slips – Aubricks VS NZ Traditional Brick Slips

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Brick Slips Background: They are being used widely more than ever due to the increasing demand for high density housing. It is commonly made on-site by bricklayers using standard clay bricks. Traditional: Getting bladed into proportional slides of approximately 20mm wide onsite by bricklayers. Back-side Smooth surface has weak forces to absorb mortars during construction. […]
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New Zealand Exterior Cladding Types And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

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When planning or building a new home, many of us will spend hours smearing on different shades of white paint or choosing the perfect kitchen countertop. But choosing an exterior cladding is a key decision that will affect how you feel about your home in the next few years and its resistance to the elements. […]
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